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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Painting Piping

I took a look at the piping I had on hand and chose a few colors that will match the colors on the inside of the quilt. I cut some strips of black cotton material that I got to make for the border of this quilt. I made a small practice piece with some yellow piping. I liked the result but I wanted to have a wider color range for my piping so I decided to paint the piping with fabric markers. I am very happy with the way the piping came out. So now the quilt is trimmed and I need to add the borders. I think I will miter the corners on this quilt. I am going to make three black strips with the piping in between each strip.
So first I need to paint the piping then sew my border strips together. I thinks I will need about 185 inches of border material for this quilt so it will take several hours to finish these steps.

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