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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

update --quilt progress

Today I was able to make my first rock by the tree. I free motioned stitched the spirals over the surface.
I drew the pattern on tracing paper and pinned the rock shape to a piece of felt , placed the pattern on top of the rock fabric .
Next I painted a spool of dark gray with black fabric paint the used this to stitch the spirals. I used needle nose tweezers to remove the tracing paper and brushed the finished piece with a lint brush. Next I used a dark gray fabric pen to lightly go over the pattern I stitched . I will trim the edge and apply the rock applique to the quilt top.Then I will stitch over the surface with some invisible thread to keep it in place. I may place another piece of thin felt behind this piece before the final stitching is done to give it more definition. I like the way the rock turned out . Can't wait to get it in place.

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