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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I haven't forgot about all of you my wonderful visitors. I will try to post tonight. I have had a little problems with my health and so I have been slow to post.
I have been able to do a little work today and I am sorry for the delay.
Because of my disablity I go through periods of problems with my health and have to take things easy but I am better today.
I took these pictures in my front and back yard. It was cloudy today and we are having our first rain of the year. I decided to take a picture of on of the trees in my front yard. It is hugh and when the wind blows the leaves,that are gold, fall like rain. In the back yard the canyon is covered with clouds and the trees across the canyon are turning to gold and red. I love this time of year because I love to bake and not only does it keep the house warm to have something baking but I like to have friends oven to share what ever I bake.
I planted collard greens this year and they have started to come up. They are full of vitamins and I like to use they in soup and other things I make.

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