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Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilt Progress - Adding Mountains

In the first picture I am adding the mountains I created from my own hand-dyed fabric. After the fabric is made,dried and heat set. I cut a piece of tracing paper and place it on the surface of the design that is on the clear gift wrap. I copy that section of my design. I use a regular soft lead pencil to draw the design on the tracing paper. I like to use Golden Threads Quilting Paper for this step because it is easier to see through than regular tracing paper and makes it easier to see your design while you are copying your pattern. I make all my own patterns since my quilts become complex and I need the pattern to keep everything straight in my mind. Next I cut my pattern from the tracing paper sheet and place it on the fabric, moving it around the fabric to pick the section I want to cut out . I pin the paper in place, then draw around the edge of the pattern with the pencil and cut out the piece of fabric I will use for the mountain. Once the piece of fabric is cut out I lift the edge of my black line drawing and slide the fabric in place . I have my project laying on a table to keep my pieces of fabric from slipping down and I use a wooden skewer to help me adjust and place the fabric.

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