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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quilt - "Earth's Cradle"

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate the day. I spent the day painting a piece of fabric for the quilt I'm making. I 'm waiting for it to dry so I can iron it to set the color and cut into it. I wanted to post a picture of the fabric I am making but my camera's batteries went dead and now I need to recharge them. While I'm waiting I decided to post pictures of one of my other quilts. I have several detail shots of this quilt plus a few full shots. I did this quilt after I had finished one of my black and white quilts. I wanted to use a lot of color and I wanted to try a round shape for my quilt with a sense of water spilling out. This quilt took me about four months to make; it is very three-dimensional. In the middle there are three layers. The first layer,= in the background is cotton that I divided into three parts; each was painted with Pebeo Setacolor fabric paint.
The second layer is organza which I painted with the same kind of paint as the first, using the colors of the sea.
The third layer was painted with light blues and greens. I beaded the surface of the bottom layer and added underwater plants and small fish that I made from clay tinted with metallic paint. I then layered all the separate sections and added the surface embellishments.
I also made my own polymer clay bead the women's faces for this quilt which you will be able to see in the detail shots. I also did a lot of free motion stitching on Solvy to make may plants under the ledge on the left and to make my dragon flies that are on the ledge and on the tree. I made the vines that are on the tree and placed beads in the folds of the bark. The tree was made from a crepe blouse someone gave me.
I placed embroidered mermaids around the edge of this quilt; their tails go up and down to make them look like they are swimming. The rune stones on the bottom are polymer clay and the symbols are etched into the tile and then painted with acrylic paint. After I wipe off the acrylic paint, I seal the outside with Mop and Glo. I used pin weaving for the bottom panel around the water plants which I made with yarn and beads. As soon as my things are ready for the other quilt I will post again. I hope you enjoy the photos of this quilt. I will put up a full view photo, then some detail shots in a little while. Again, Happy Fourth.

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