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Monday, July 13, 2009

Teaching My First 4H Class

These are pictures of me teaching a class for a local 4H group. I had met a nurse while I was in the hospital having surgery for my breast cancer and showed her some pictures of quilts I had made. After I came home from the hospital, she called and asked me if I would give a demonstration on making quilts to her 4H group.

I had never spoken in front of a group before but I said I would be glad to come and speak and give a demonstration. I ask two of my friends to help me put together a quilting kit for each one of the girls who would be coming and fortunately for me my two friends helped me get the kits ready ( there were about 50 girls in the class). I am posting the black line drawing of the picture of the quilts I offered to give the girls a choice of which design they wanted to learn how to make. Along with the kits I made a story board to show how to make the landscape quilts step by step and I made several examples of the quilt in different stages of construction. I think there were around eight of them. I also included in the kit I gave them all the information they needed to make there own small quilt plus fabric,thread and embellishments. Once I was prepared and had all the kits etc together I found I wasn't nervous at all when I went to give my demonstration. The girls brought me their own quilts to look over and we had a wonderful time.

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