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Monday, July 20, 2009

Award Winning Landscape quilt

Here are a few pictures of a quilt I entered in a quilt show. I won First Place and Best of show. The quilt took about six months to make.It is heavily embellished across the bottom. I used some store bought fabric along with some hand dyed fabric I made. I used several layers of bridal tulle over the moon. The flowers on the bottom of the quilt are white silk and I put tiny pearls in the center of each flower. The large tree on the right was made using solvy and bridal tulle. I used eight to ten colors of embroidery thread for the bark on the tree. I used my printer to print the unicorns then cut them out and applied them to the quilt. I added little pieces of tulle that had silver sparkles on it , to the area around the unicorns to represent the dust they would kick up while running. The waterfall was made using solvy. bridal tulle and lace. I added silver metallic thread to the water fall. The flowers next to the waterfall were made using my printer. I have a Huellet Packard All-in-one. I changed the color picture to black and white then printed the picture onto fabric, cut it out and applied it to the quilt. The lake fabric was done the same way and I added metallic thread to the surface of the water. To go with the quilt while it was being show I wrote this. ( If you use this please get permission from me)Passing through the cold, clear mystical domain of Arianrhood- Goddess of time, karma, reincarnation and the full moon( and whose name means " Silver Wheel" and "High Fruitful Mother")- run the Unicorns.

Toward the warm lowlands, their silent procession by the sacred grove and shimmering lake bearing her name marks the yearly cycle of renewal for the souls who have withdrawn to her castle- a star Islands in the constellation Corona Borealis called Caer Arianrhood- awaiting to be reincarnated.


B. Williamson

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