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Monday, November 14, 2016

  I just finished arranging the border blocks for my quilt.
  I will sew them together in a few minutes and start to work on the middle of the quilt.
  The second photo is the front of one of the bags I'm working on. I will be making five medium size bags with different animals etc. on the front . I've chosen ( a eagle, bear, deer. wolf and turtle) motif for each. I will do a small size and a large size and I will be making another set of microwavable bowls using the same designs. I'm also thinking about doing a messenger bag size  bag that will be geared more toward men. It took me a few days to make all my patterns and get them cut out of cardboard. I use my empty tea and cereal boxes for my patterns. Here is a picture of my patterns.
    You can see the three different sizes I'll be using for my bags. I've also decided to make a Camouflage angel on some of the bags.
    I'll post a pic of the angel design  once I get one cut out and placed on its background fabric.
     I had so sad news this  last week both our quilt shop/ craft stores are closing in my community .
     I was able to get a few pieces of batik fabric. What was the worse thing to me was the fact that one of the shops had the largest collection s of batik fabric in Northern California in my opinion.
 Here is a pic of one of the fabrics I bought I'm going to use it to make the leave on the tree in the background area of my quilt.

     It's perfect to represent sun light through the leaves. Here is a photo of the fabric.