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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

                 Starting a New Quilt
 I'm starting a new quilt. I just finished going over my black and white drawing of the quilt .
 I'm going to start picking out fabric and making the cardboard pattern I will need to use to make the fabric appliques pieces.

  The quilt is going to be a garden themed  quilt featuring my neighbors garden. He is a master gardener and grows a large variety of flowers , vegetables and fruit. his garden inspired me to make this quilt.
I have also decided to make two different items to sale besides small landscapes .
  I will be making fabric microwaveable potholders, medium size fabric purses along with the small landscapes.
   Here are close up  photos of the quilt design I will be working from.

 The next step in my process  is to paint a sky on cotton fabric for the quilt.
   I will be using fabric paint to make the sky and Ill  need to decided what time of day I want  it  to be so I can make my color choice .