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Sunday, July 24, 2016

                  New Photos
  I just finished ironing the sky fabric I painted yesterday.
       I was happy with the results and happy that I wouldn't have to paint another  piece of fabric. Sometimes I have to paint several pieces of cloth before I get the result I want,
      For this quilt I wanted to have a early morning summer sky. I used three colors of my fabric paint to do the sky. I used cobalt blue, ultramarine, and Violet.The fabric paint I prefer using for my quilts is Pebeo  Setacolor  Transpaerent fabric paint. I get it from Michaela's or I order it from www.dharmatrading.com
  I taped plastic to a card table then taped the pillow case cotton to the plastic. 
  I like to re-cycle  when possible and  I will be using  scrap fabric to make this  quilt.
     I used a cotton pillow case , which I only had one of and cut it in half, to paint the sky on.
     After that I cut out the pattern( from a cereal box, for the border pieces the fruit and veges with be appliqued on.
  I had to fold  the paper pattern piece, for the outside edge, into 12 segments so I would know how big to make each of the outer semi pie piece wedges.
          I  checked to see if my pattern for the border would fit.
Last I cut another piece of fabric into a round shape and that  will be used as the base that  I will build the quilt on.
      I chose an over- all flower pattern for the back of the quilt and the batting is  low loft 70% cotton/30% po[yester.
   Next Ill start re working the garden design in the middle of the quilt. Want to make sure the lines for the building and fences etc. aren't leaning and other segments of the quilt  are the right proportion.