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Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Set of Microwavable Bowl Potholders
       ( No More Burned Fingers)
       Here is a set of Bowls I just finished and they were made from some fabric a friend gave me.
          I'm selling them for $25.00.
    I will be posting all the new items I'm showing today for sale on my Shophandmade shop. The name of my shop is Threadscapestudio.
    I will also have them for sale at--- Made In Paradise
                                                          Paradise Ca. 95969
                                                           Paradise Ca.
                                                        (530)- 872-3296

 This is my new Emoijj bag. It is a Japanese Knot Bag. It is made from cotton ,hand and machine stitched. I will be making a few of these bags and each will have a differ face or design on the front of the bag. Each bag will be reversible.

     Microwave bowl potholders below are made from cotton and wonderful to keep your fingers from getting burned when removing item from a