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Sunday, January 10, 2016

                         Good News
    I have been posting recently about the fundraisers my co- author and I have been doing to raise the money we needed to get the book published we have been working on for four years.
   Two days ago we accomplished our goal and we were able to acquire the resources we needed to  go forward with getting our book published.
    I will be posting updates about our progress. I will also be posting the title of our book and where to purchase it.
   There will be a blog featuring the book and other information. we are just laying the ground work for its implementation.
    It is a very exciting time and although it has been tough at times it is worth the effort.

    I'm also teaching my self a new skill.  Im learning to make Origami gift boxes and for Valentines day I am making fabric butterfly brooches to put in the boxes.  
        These are fun and easy and make nice gifts.