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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

  New Items In Local Shop
      I just took some new items in the local shop today . I  have been making a few of the Microwavable bowls that I first saw on Pinterest .  So far I have made two sales today.
     As soon as I opened the box I delivered a lady bought two sets.
   I think these will sale pretty good.
      I made each set a different color and theme fore the season s holidays ahead.
      Here are pics of the bowls I made.

The first set is made from a pre- printed cotton fabric with fall colors and fall leaf print.. I used silk ribbon to tie the bowl together .




The second set is also made with cotton fabric .The print is a black line drawing on a
beautiful yellow background.


 The third set is my Christmas themed bowls. Each
bowl  has a pretty Christmas fabric. There are five bowls in this set.

The next set is my salute to Halloween bowls.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next item are my Halloween greeting cards    I haven't made greeting cards before . I wanted   to  try my hand at making some for Halloween.  I used watercolor paper to make the cards and envelopes. I used acrylic   paint to make the blood and I cut out bats from   black paper. I found a clip art haunted house  for the front of the envelope. I made stencils and used a stiff brush to tap on the   acrylic black paint to make my evil pumpkin  face  design..


I also made a few  Japenese knot bag   and small cotton clutch bag  and a fish bowl  flower vase cozy with a glass bottle for a  plant .

The last item in this post is a fabric flower vase
cozy. I also added a water filled glass bottle for