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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

     This is my first news paper candy dish. I cut up a news paper into strips and the rolled them up to make a lid, base, handle and bottom for the bowl. I painted the bowl with Burgundy and Ocher acrylic paints.
       Lastly I sprayed the dish with a clear varnish to give the bowl a high gloss shine.
      These take some time to make but they make great gifts using inexpensive  materials. I fount the idea for this bowl on You Tube. 
       I think the next bowl I will make I will use magazines again and make a small container  that can be used foe paper clips etc.
   Now these can't be washed but they can be dusted off .
   So if you have some magazines and news papers sitting around try your hand at recycling them into  something useful or  gift giving.