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Sunday, January 25, 2015

 Starting The Finish Work On a Garden Quilt
   Well I'm finally going to be able to start back to work on a quilt I stated a few months ago.
   Yesterday I was able to get the center of the quilt drawn. It took me a couple of hours to get it drawn and photographed.
    I was able to get the sections of the garden drawn in that I felt were the highlights of the garden.
I didn't want this quilt to be to complicated but from the way the drawing turned out I don't think it will be as simple as I had envisioned.
   The next thing I need to do is to draw a black line drawing on top of the plastic that I have over the surface of the quilt. This is what I use to help me place the small pieces of fabric as I cut them.
   I will be using cotton fabric and probably some sheer fabric for the flowers of the Iris plants.

    I also wanted to do a small quilt for my son's upcoming birthday which is in February.
 Since he likes lighthouses that will be the theme of the quilt. He also likes blacks , white and grays. So I will use those colors in the quilt. I've done a black and white drawing for the lighthouse quilt but have not had a chance to pick out the fabric for the quilt.
  I will post pictures later next week of the lighthouse quilt.

 I will have to cut off about 1/4th inch of the edge of the drawing in the center so it will fit in the middle better.

I will also have to do my black line drawing on the plastic I have covering the quilt.