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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting Ready for Work on My Art

I am posting a few pictures of  how I set up my work area so I can start to work on my quilt. I clear off a work table so I can set up my idea board. I use the idea board  to help me draw my pattern for flowers, leaves or whatever I need to add to the quilt. It helps me chose the colors for my flowers.
I placed my sky fabrics on a piece of foam core and then I top the fabric with the drawings of the quilt design I made on cellophane. I use plastic clips to hold the cellophane to the foam core board. I place my original black and white drawing on my design wall and while I am working.
I can pin notes around the edge of ideas I have while working on the quilt. Ideas always come to me while I'm working. For example the color of thread I should use, the shape of a leaf or how to finish the edge of the quilt. Now that I have this setup done I can start choosing fabric for each quilt. After that I will chose and cut out the backing fabric and cut a piece of batting for each quilt. Next I will select my embroidery thread and beads. Then it is off to work.