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Monday, July 26, 2010

Putting a Sleeve on a Round Quilt - Part 4

From the other end I cut a 8-1/2 in. wide piece of fabric. I measured the edge of my quilt and cut the strip so it was 1 inch from the edge of the quilt.  Then I made a 1/4 inch seam on each end of the strip.. Next I folded the strip in half and stitched the strip along the edges. I turned it inside out and made a tube. I ironed the tube and set it aside.
I had a friend cut me a semi-circle of a piece of hardboard. I will take the semi-circle of fabric and hem it and sew it to the edge of the quilt. To do this I am going to have to remove the binding stitches from the top edge of the quilt . Then put the semi-circle of fabric on the edge fold over the binding and resew the binding to the quilt . I will leave the bottom unstitched and place the hardboard inside. Then I will hand sew the bottom edge of the semi-circle down.

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