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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creating the Flute Player

I got the flute player finished. I made and attached her collar, her earrings and hair ornament to match the collar. I made the cone to go on her head. In Egypt these cones were made from a perfumed wax and worn to perfume the hair. They were worn at banquets and special occasions. The warmth of the body released the scent. I decided to put one on my flute player because I liked the idea of my flute player having perfume in her hair.
I made her flute with nylon thread, using gold thread for the mouth piece and a wood color thread for the flute. I made the flute on my sewing machine.
Her hair is made from yarn that is wrapped in nylon. In Egypt wigs were made and worn, so I decided to make my flute player a wig to wear. I added tiny glass beads to the tips if the hair. The beads are the same color as the collar she is wearing.
When I finished I attached her to this cardboard to see what she would look like once I had all the pieces made. When she is attached to the quilt I will stitch over her dress with a cream colored thread so the lines of her body and dress I have marked will show up better. I made her earrings on my sewing machine using Solvy and Madeira nylon thread.

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